Jessie B's Academy focuses on providing excellent care to all students. We welcome the average child, as well as, children who may have challenges (behavior problems, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, etc.). Most schools segregate students based on their learning capabilities. Jessie B’s uses a
blended teaching atmosphere. We feel children learn best from each other. Adults teach students based on what they consider as the normal protocol. However, I have witnessed children sharing their style of learning and understanding with other children and observed that children learn faster from other children.

Our Academy teaches children that we are all the same no matter how we look. Children understand everyone wants to be treated kindly. We believe that our Academy is creating the next leaders, doctors, lawyers, zookeepers, NBA players, writers, teachers, chefs and actors. We know that to be successful in society, they will need to be equipped to work in a diverse environment. We teach our students that there are different learning styles and that their friends may have a different style than their own; but that all learning styles are good!

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